Goals and concept

The George-Marshall Society endorses the cooperation between German and Americans, to strength economic ties and to promote democratic leadership. It honors the former U.S. Foreign Minister and Nobel Peace Prize honouree George C. Marshall, whose European Recovery Program was instrumental for the prosperity, democracy and integration of the Federal Republic of Germany into the Free World, in the Post World War Two period.

The Society promotes trans-Atlantic cooperation in various fields of endeavour and to strengthen the economic ties between the Frankfurt/Rhein-Main and the Greater Washington D.C. regions. Both regions are related not only because of George C. Marshall's work, but also from the success of the Marshall Plan. The Society will promote the partnership between the MTK and Loudoun counties, and expand existing relations.


These goals will be achieved, through the promotion of student exchange programs, contacts of cultural institutions and citizens. Toleration and understanding of differences, as well as common believes, between these two counties is of primary importance, so that future generations can successfully meet the demands of globalization, with a strong trans-Atlantic partnership. The Society also intends to underscore these goals through presentations, speeches and other activities.