The Committee is made up of:


Wolfgang Kollmeier, MTK County Deputy (ret.), Chairman
Dr. Johannes Latsch, Managing Chairman

County Councillor Johannes Baron, Member
Dr. Jürgen Ratzinger, Member
Edgar Nebel, Member
Arnd Langhans, Member


Wolfgang Kollmeier was Deputy in the Main-Taunus Kreis government until March 2020 and serves as head of the school department. Kollmeier was born in 1952 in Okriftel (today part as Hattersheim). He graduated from High School in Frankfurt in 1970, then studied economic education at the Goethe University. As a teacher in economics, he instructed at the Werner Heisenberg School in Rüsselsheim. Until 2011 he was Principal of the Konrad Adenauer School in Kriftel. For several years he has been a representative of the Town of Hattersheim and held a seat in the MTK County parliament. Together with Mr. Edgar Nebel he represents the interests of education with the Marshall Society.

Dr. Johannes Latsch serves since 2002 as Press Officer for Main-Taunus Kreis and is responsible for relationships with Loudoun County. He was born in Bad Homburg, in 1964; and studied German Literature and Language, History and Politics at the Goethe University in Frankfurt. He then worked as a journalist for newspapers in Germany and Switzerland, before coming to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper and has authored several travel books about North America and Africa as well as specialized books about media relations and public language, and gives trainings in those fields. Within the Marshall Society he is responsible for communication and finance.

Johannes Baron serves as County Councillor for Main-Taunus Kreis. Before that he was District President of the Darmstadt District in the State of Hesse and First Councillor of the City of Kelkheim (Main-Taunus Kreis). The 1966-born from Baden-Baden holds a diploma in political science and started his career with the Ostakademie (Academy of Eastern affairs) in Königstein and the Hessian Parliament. As a full-time County Councillor and departmental head he ensures the Marshall Society's cooperation with the County government of Main-Taunus-Kreis.

Dr. Jürgen Ratzinger is Managing Director of the Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce, responsible for international affairs. Dr. Ratzinger was born in Kaufbeuren in 1966. He studied and received his PhD in economics, where upon the trained businessmen was employed at the Ifo Institute for Eeconomic Research in München. He later worked at the Director's staff of the Siemens AG in München, responsible for economics, regional contacts and union initiatives, before he was transferred to Washington D.C. and representative and project director. He is a member of the Committee, responsible for economic contacts.

Edgar Nebel was Principal of the Albert Einstein School in Schwalbach. Born in 1943, in Aschaffenburg, he studied English and Romance studies at the Goethe University in Frankfurt, with one semester in England and another in France. Teaching English and French at various schools in Frankfurt, he became a High School instructor in Hochheim. In the mean-time, he became a member of the State School Supervisory Authority, and since 1988, a representative to the MTK County Seat. Since its conception, he has been responsible for the student exchange program with Loudoun County, and together with Wolfgang Kollmeier represents the interests of education and school contacts within the Marshall Society.

Arnd Langhans is working with the automotive company Contiental in Schwalbach, furthermore guest lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Frankfurt am Main, and volunteering as reserve officer with the Main-Taunus liaison command to the

german Bundeswehr. A 1959 Frankfurt born engineer (he studied light engineering and business administration) he spent some time abroad working in France and Mexico. In MTK, among other commitments, Langhans served as member of the County’s parents‘

association. Within the Committee Marshall Society he is the point of contact for the US community in the Region Frankfurt/Rhine-Main.