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Student Workshop On Leadership

Students with good English skills from Main-Taunus Kreis and the Frankfurt region are invited to a free transatlantic video workshop on Dec 1 focusing on General and Statesman George C. Marshall and the question of modern ethical leadership. An application is required (deadline: Nov 24, application form: (Photo: Main-Taunus Kreis)

Student Workshop on Leadership
Information in brief
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Development aid in Africa today

Michael Gahler, member of the European Parliament, talked about contemporary development aid and the differences to the Marshall times. The lecture took place at the Alter Posthof in Hattersheim (Main-Taunus Kreis). (Photos: MTK)

Development aid in Africa today
Gahler-Vortrag MedieninfooBU.pdf
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Jefferson and The Wine

Hosted by the City of Hochheim and the George Marshall Society, an evening in Hochheim focused on former US president and wine connoisseur Thomas Jefferson.

Photos: MTK

Jefferson Wine Tasting
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"Marshall Plan no patent remedy"

The Marshall Plan cannot serve as a role model for development in Eastern Europa and Africa. This conclusion has been drawn by economic historian Prof. Dr. Werner Plumpe in a lecture in Bad Homburg hosted by the George Marshall Society. The evening completed a series of events commemorating the Marshall-Plan comng into effect 70 years ago. Photos: MTK

Press Release Marshall lecture
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Marshall funds at KfW Bank group

A lecture explained how money from the Marshall Plan has been invested through the channels of the KfW Bank group until today. The event took place in KfW's HQ in Frankfurt. It was part of a 2018 program series commemorating the Marshall Plan coming into being 70 years ago. Speaker was Dr. Dr. Anton Bösl, General Manager for federal affairs at KfW. (Photo: MTK)

Marshall funds at KfW Bank Group
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A nostalgic time travel

The presentation of early Marshall-plan documentary films turned into a nostalgic time travel of the visitors during a public event in the city of Bad Soden, MTK. The films underlined the importance of a strong German-American friendship. For more Details say the attached photo Gallery and press release (in German). Photos: Main-Taunus Kreis

More info about the film event
Marshall-JahrFilmabendMedieninfo oBU.pdf
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Marshall Plan films (July 12)

Film scientiest Claudia Dillmann will comment a set of historical films about the Marshall Plan. The event will take place in the Augustinum at Bad Soden, MTK, and is part of a series of events dedicated to the coming into affect of the Marshall Plan 70 years ago. The presentation will be a time travel for the ones who whitnessed the era and will provide historical insights for later born ones interested in the early post-war years. Photo: Anna Meuer

Films on the Marshall Plan July 12
Marshall-JahrFilmabendMedieninfo oBU.pdf
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Jubilee program started

The series of events celebrating the coming into effect of the Marshall Plan 70 years ago has started. A lecture with various participants took place at the George Marshall House in MTK. (See the attached press release and the Picture Gallery with photos by MTK).

Marshall jubilee started
A press release with more information about the opening event
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Marshall Plan jubilee program

To commemorate the Marshall Plan and its meaning for German-American partnership the Marshall Society plans a series of Events starting May 29, 2018. They take place in the towns and cities of Frankfurt, Bad Soden, Kriftel and Bad Homburg.

Foto: MTK

Marshall jubilee press release
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Program leaflet
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70 years of Marshall aid

70 years ago the Marshall Plan came into being. In an  English Thesis at the University of Mayence, Patrick Rauda analyzes discussions in the State Department of that time. The Thesis was supported by the George Marshall Society.

Discussions about the Marshall Plan
A Thesis by Patrick Rauda
BA-Thesis_Patrick Rauda_Marshall Plan an
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German Business in the US

German Business in the US
Vortrag Wirtschaft Amerika Bilanz o BU.p
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George Marshall stipend

In 2017, the George Marshall Society again is granting a George Marshall Stipend to

support graduates and young academics financially and logistically. It is designed for academic works dealing with the Marshall Plan (European Recovery Program), WW II recovery in Germany and German—American relations. With the grant the Marshall Society is cooperating with the George C. Marshall Int’l Center in Leesburg, VA (Photo: MTK)

Loudoun Chair Randall to MTK

The partnership between Main-Taunus Kreis and Loudoun Country will be continued – this promise gave Loudoun’s new Chair of the Board of Supervisor, Phyllis Randall, during her first visit to MTK where she has been hosted by County Executive Michael Cyriax. During her stay, she visited various schools and businesses. She was accompanied by tourism and business development staff.


Also a theme was the support of the partnership by the George Marshall Society and the SPEP exchange. SPEP coordinator Edgar Nebel and Albert-Einstein School principal Anke Horn (also am member of our Society) informed about the exchange, and Phyllis Randall hat the chance to meet past and future SPEP students. At Konrad-Adenauer School she visited the George-Marshall House, where a bust portraits Marshall. His plan for a reconstruction of Western Europe after WW II has been presented 70 years ago.


Photos: MTK

US election discussion in Frankfurt

A discussion about the US presidential elections took place in the English

Theatre (Frankfurt). The event had been organized as part of the “International regulars’ table” which is hosted by various institutions in Frankfurt. This time the George Marshall Society also took part. The program focuses on ex-pats living in the Frankfurt region.


After some introduction words by Ava Nouripour of the German Atlantic Association a debate and discussion took place featuring Thomas Leiser of the Republicans Overseas, Marjorie Sudrow of the Democrats Abroad, Sudha David-Wilp of the German Marshall Fund and Omid Nouripour, Foreign policy speaker of the Green Party in the German parliament. The discussion was presented by Dr Johannes Latsch, Managing Chairman of the George Marshall Society.


For impressions have a look at our photo gallery (photos by Alex Okazaki)

Kollmeier new Chairman

Wolfgang Kollmeier (left) has been elected as new Chairman to the George Marshall Society. He welcomed Dennis Phillips of the "Democrats Abroad" to a lecture on overseas US election campaigning. Photo: MTK

New Chairman - and lecture on election campaign
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Topic: US elections in Germany

Lecture on US election campaign in Germany
Dennis Phillips (picture above) of the "Democrats Abroad" talks about mobilizing US voters overseas in Germany.
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Change in Loudoun

After the elections in Loudoun County the George Marshall Society Counts on continuity
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President and wine connoisseur

The George

Marshall Society sponsors a signpost on the wine path in Hochheim recalling a

visit of US President Thomas Jefferson.

(Photo: City of Hochheim)

Jefferson signpost recalls wine visit
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Emergency & Education

In a pulic lecture a firefighter, teachers and students talked about their experiences in MTK's partner county Loudoun, VA. (Photos: MTK)

Details about the event
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School exchange KAS and CS Monroe continues

The partnership between Konrad-Adenauer School (KAS) in Kriftel/Main-Taunus-Kreis and CS Monroe Technology Center in Leesburg, Loudoun County (USA) continues. A student group from Konrad Adenauer together with school representatives was currently visiting CS Monroe and thus continued with the exchange program which is running for a couple of years. From KAS principal Stephanie Philipp and the teachers Frank Härdtlein and Alexander Mai joined the trip.

They met CS Monroe’s principal Wagner Grier who, for his commitment to the partnership, has been awarded by the George Marshall Society in MTK. Deputy Wolfgang Kollmeier, also a Committee member to the Marshall Society, handed him over a certificate s support.

The group also visited General Marshall’s grave at Arlington National Cemetery.

USAFE Concert to a capacity crowd

Under the title „Christmas Dreams in MTK“ the USAFE Concert Band performed in the Kelkheim City Hall, by invitation of the George Marshall Society. To a capacity crowd the 45 musicians played a rousing mix of Christmas Traditionals, Classical Music, Pop, Swing, and Rock. Among the audience were high-ranking representants of the German and American Forces.

Christmas Dreams in MTK 2014
More info (in German) about the USAFE Concert
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Meeting Point "Main-Taunus Kreis"


At the „Treffpunkt Main-Taunus-Kreis“ (Meeting Point Main-Taunus Kreis), a society event with around 600 visitors at the Gov’t Center in Hofheim, MTK, the George Marshall Society informed about her tasks and projects. (Pictures: Marshall Society)


Overcoming the War

Two generations GER-USA
Prof. Dr. Dietrich Rauda and his son Patrick Rauda talked about the background of the Marshall Plan and the work of the War Claims Office. The double lecture was hosted by the George Marshall Society.
Medieninformation Vortrag Marshall Gesel
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Concert Band played to a capacity crowd

„Christmas Dreams in MTK“: By invitation of the George Marshall Society the Concert Band of the US Air Forces in Europe performed in the Kelkheim City Hall. It was a true German-American event, and the musicians played to a capacity crowd.
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Marshall workshop for teachers

With support by the George Marshall Society, two teachers took part in a workshop in Virginia. Part of the programme was a meeting with a former aide to Marshall and a visit to the US State Department.
Marshall Workshop 2013 Presse.pdf
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Marshall Fountain turns 50

The Frankfurt Chamber of Commerce & Industry and the George Marshall Society give some remarks on the sculpture in downtown Frankfurt.

50 Jahre Marshall-Brunnen.pdf
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Political strategy and humanitarian aid

Marshall scholar Nikolas Dörr gave a lecture on the Cointainment Policy and the Marshall Plan in Europe. He has worked on studies at the sources in Virginia.
Medieninformation Marshall-Stipendium Vo
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Marshall, Adenauer and Freedom for Europe

Nikolas Dörr studying in the Marshalll Library in Lexington, VA.
Nikolas Dörr studying in the Marshalll Library in Lexington, VA.
Marshalll scholar Nikolas Dörr talks about the Cointainment Policy in Europe. He has worked on studies at the sources in Virginia.
Medieninformation Marshall-Stipendium II
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„More than pure numbers“

Kick-off of the event series „Marhsall Talks“: KfW’s Chief Economist Dr. Jörg Zeuner explained, how the Marshall Plan still functions through his bank’s credits.
Marshall-Gespräche Kfw Bilanz.pdf
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Research on Marshall in Virginia

During his study visit, Nicholas Dörr was taken care of by experts Rachel Thompson (left) and Alisa Soderquist of the George C. Marshall International Center.
During his study visit, Nicholas Dörr was taken care of by experts Rachel Thompson (left) and Alisa Soderquist of the George C. Marshall International Center.
Nikolas Dörr, scholar of the George Marshall Society, has just returned from a study trip in the US. In 2013 the Society will support studies on Marshall and American-German relations.
Medieninformation Marshall-Stipendium 20
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Imformation about the Marshall stipend 2013
Marshall-Stipendium Ausschreibung 2013.p
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Virginian delegation to Frankfurt region

Virginia’s Secretary of Transport and representants of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission have been visiting the Frankfurt/Rhine Main region. They collected information about regional planning, especially about zoning, public transport and environmental planning. The visit was supported by the George Marshall Society and Main-Taunus Kreis.
Regionalpark-Anregung für Virginia.pdf
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Young Americans in MTK

Supported by the Marshall Society, 14 Loudoun students had an insight into work and family life in MTK and the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main region.

They stayed in host families, visited schools and did excursions to Xmas markets and the cities of Heidelberg and Frankfurt and others. Furthermore, they visited the Hessian State Parliament at Wiesbaden, took a German language crash course and had the chance to career explorations on job sites with public services and private businesses. The program was managed in cooperation with the George C. Marshall Int’l Center at Leesburg, VA.
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Musical ambassadors of MTK

The Musikverein Flörsheim, an orchestra from Main-Taunus Kreis, has visited the East Coast and also performed in Loudoun County. The trip has been supported by the George Marshall Society.
Reisebericht MV Flörsheim 2012.pdf
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Obama vs. Romney in Wiesbaden

German journalist Dr. Christoph Freiherr Marschall von Bieberstein gave a lecture on the US presidential campaign recently in Wiesbaden. The event was organized by the Association of employers' associations in the State Hesse and supported by the George Marshall Society and other partners.
Obama vs Romney in Wiesbanden (eng).pdf
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Loudoun Art in Hofheim

The German Marshall Society, the cultural community “Wallauer Fachwerk” on the one hand and the Franklin Park Arts Center from Loudoun on the other presented artworks from Loudoun County in the Main-Taunus county district administrative center in Hofheim. The vernissage was broadcasted live via internet. At the same time, the Franklin Arts Park Centre was broadcasting their “public viewing” to Hofheim, so both sides could meet via videoconferencing. County Chairman Michael Cyriax stated that this was “the first parallel transatlantic sister county party” of Loudoun and MTK. Priscilla Godfrey represented the artists of Loudoun County on the vernissage in Hofheim. Special guest at the opening was Consul Jeffrey Hill from the US Consulate in Frankfurt.

Transatlantic Art via Internet

The German Marshall Society is presenting works of Loudoun artists in the Landratsamt from 11th May to 7th June. The vernissage on May 10th is going to be broadcasted via internet.(04/30/12)
Transatlantische Kunst live per Internet
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Cole Farm by Trisha Adams
Cole Farm by Trisha Adams

A look into the future of the US Army

Members of the George Marshall Society and representants of the German Bundeswehr had a look in the future of the US Army in the area around Wiesbaden. There the US Forces are building up their HQ of all American ground troops in Europe.

Colonel Jeff Dill and Director Roger Gerber took the members on a trip across the widespread area. Oberstleutnant Wolf-Teja von Rabenau of the Bundeswehr gave a short presentation of plans for the Bundeswehr structure which recently has been reformed.

(Photos: Marshall Society)

"The Atlantic does not divide - it brings people together"

A visit to Capitol Hill is a "must" during SPEP-visits to Loudoun County. Photo: Geoirge C. Marshall Int'l Center
A visit to Capitol Hill is a "must" during SPEP-visits to Loudoun County. Photo: Geoirge C. Marshall Int'l Center

16 students from MTK have recently visited Loudoun County under the shield of this year's SPEP program. The young people stayed in host families, visited schools, and had to do workshadowing in various companies and institutions to get a first-hand impression of daily life in the US. Furthermore they developed lots of personal friendships.

As the newly elected County Executive of MTK, Michael Cyriax, puts it: "The Atlantic does not divide - it brings people together".
In November, Loudoun students will make their way to MTK to make, thanks to SPEP, the same experiences on the German side.

George Marshall Stipend

The Marshall Library in Lexington, VA. Photo: MTK
The Marshall Library in Lexington, VA. Photo: MTK

The George Marshall Society, in cooperation with the George C. Marshall International Center in Leesburg, VA, offers a George Marshall Stipend for students and young scientists doing research on transatlantic relations and the Marshall Plan. The Stipend covers a field trip from Germany to Dodona Manor in Leesburg, and the Marshall Foundation Library in Lexington. Candidates have to live in the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main area, if they wish to apply for the grant.

Info about the George Marshall Stipend
Medieninformation Marshall-Stipendium 20
Adobe Acrobat Document 95.9 KB
Marshall-Stipendium Ausschreibung.pdf
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"George Marshall House" at MTK school

A new extension building at the Konrad Adenauer School in Kriftel, MTK, has been named "George-Marshall-Haus" (George Marshall House). As County Executive Berthold Gall announced, the new building will also serve as a location for Marshall Society events. A Marshall bust, financed by the County Main-Taunus, shall encourage students to learn about Marshall's historic achievements. The Konrad Adenauer School, a vocational school, has links with CS Monroe Technology Center in Loudoun County. (Photo: MTK)

Remembering the Civil War

For many, the Civil War (1861-65) still is the crucial war in US history. In 2011 its 150th anniversary is recalled in various events in Loudoun County and throughout the Washington DC region. Loudoun itself was split between the North and the South in those days, with the front line sometimes criscrossing the center of the villages. In the town of Waterford a parade was performed to remember a battle there and to honor the fallen soldiers on both sides. (Photos: MTK)

Focus on business and education

Visiting a Hospital training unit at George Washington University. (Photos: MTK)
Visiting a Hospital training unit at George Washington University. (Photos: MTK)

A delegation MTK-Delegation mit Gall im Partnerkreis Loudoun County


A delegation from Main-Taunus Kreis has explored further fields for partnership activities during a visit to Loudoun County. Also during the visit MTK County Execuitve Berthold Gall's elected successor Michael Cyriax, who will take office on October 1, 2011, introduced himself to various representants and institutions in the partner county.


Beside talks with representatives from various businesses in Loudoun, the delegation also met with Senator Mark Herring (VA). Also the group discussed tourism development opportunities with the Loudoun County Visitor's Association. A further stop was at the George Washington University, where nurses are being trained in simulated hospital rooms.


At the CS Monroe Technological Center they discussed the school's partnership with MTK's Konrad Adenauer school - a unique transatlantic link between two vocational schools. Under the shield of the student exchange program SPEP and various school-to-school links already around 300 students have been traveled between the two Counties.


An open-air concert of the American Originals Fife and Drum Corps at Capitol Hill in Washington DC to honor the German visitors demonstrated that the partnership is not only a connection between Counties, but also between friends.

Delegation visit to Loudoun County
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Partnership Award to MTK

The Sistership Main-Taunus Kreis - Loudoun County, VA has been awarded the most active town/county partnership by the Frankfurt-based Steuben-Schurz Society. The oldest German-American friendship organization especially recognized the engagement of the George Marshall Society.


In a ceremony in the city of Frankfurt The Steuben-Schurz President Dr. Ingrid Gräfin zu Solms-Wildenfels (top, left) handed over the award to MTK's County Executive Berthold Gall, also Chairman to the Marshall Society (top, right). In speeches, US Consul General to Frankfurt, Edward Alford, and the State of Hessen Minister Michael Boddenberg referred to the crucial roll of good US-German relations.

Christmas with the US Air Force

By invitation of the George Marshall Society the Band of the US Air Forces in Europa has performed in the City of Eschborn on Dec 8, 2010. The Band's program with Christmas songs in various styles was a highlight for the audience. The concert was made possible thanks to the cooperation with the City of Eschborn whose Deputy Mayor Matthias Geiger spoke a few greeting words.

Christmas Dreams In MTK
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More cooperation with Dodona Manor

The Marshall Society will intensify its cooperation with the George C. International Center at Dodona Manor in Leesburg, VA. This was discussed with representants from both institutions during a visit to Hofheim, MTK.

Adobe Acrobat Document 98.5 KB

NVRC explores Frankfurt's public transport

Delegation members at Frankfurt's public transport control center. (Photo: MTK)
Delegation members at Frankfurt's public transport control center. (Photo: MTK)

A delegation of the Northern Virginia Regional Commission headed by its Chairman Hal Parrish and its Executive Director Mark Gibb explored the public transport network during a visit to the Frankfurt region. The visit provided insights in the local transport management, ticketing systems and links between air and rail.


Members of the George Marshall Society were involved in the preparation of the visit, which was a result of a delegation visit to the DC region in May 2010.


The NVRC delegation relied on public transport during their stay which gave the travelers an opportunity to get first-hand experience about the rail network in the region, especially while the onset of winter brought lots of snow to Frankfurt's streets.


Loudoun County's Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Scott York was joining the NVRC delegation visit.

President Jefferson and the wine

During a visit to Frankfurt, representatives of the Virginia Tourism Corp took the chance to promote the Capital region as a tourism destination. The main focus was wine. Johannes Latsch, Managing Chairman of the Marshal Society, participated in a meeting with media and tourism representatives of the Frankfurt region. In talks with the guests from the Capital Region some perspectives for tourism between the two regions were discussed. An interesting historic connection is the wine travels that brought former US-President Thomas Jefferson also to the Frankfurt and MTK region.

Jefferson in Rhein-Main.pdf
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The Marshall Plan and the unification of Europe

The George Marshall Society took part in a public event titled "Brühlwiesengespräche" (Brühlwiesen Talks) at the vocational school Brühlwiesenschule in Hofheim, Germany, on May 10, 2010.


The event focussed on the Marshall Plan and its influence on the unification of Europe. Members of the Marshall Society also took part as a representative of the KfW Bank (an institution founded as a result of the ERP).


For details (in German) check with

Adobe Acrobat Document 44.1 KB

250 guests at Marshall event

At the event speakers looked on US-German relations from different perspectives: While Professor Alsheimer (right, in the above picture) gave an contemporary witness account on the early days of the Marshall plan US Consul General Alford (center) underlined which lessons modern policy and especially the Obama administration has learned form the Marshall-Plan. The Marshall Society's Chairman, County Executive Gall (left) welcomed both speakers in the presence of around 250 guests in the Session Hall of the Main-Taunus County government seat at Hofheim. (Photo: MTK)

Press Release (in German)
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Speech Consul General Alford 2010.pdf
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Speech Prof. Dr. Alsheimer 2010.pdf
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