We are pleased about your interest in the George Marshall Society (Association to promote German-American relations ant the twinning of Main-Taunus-Kreis and Loudoun County) and welcome you. Our goal is to improve German-American relations and to underscore the historic importance of the Marshall Plan.

In particular, the German people are most grateful towards the architect of a plan which began the economic re-construction of Germany and much of Western Europe, which allowed for the integration of Europe into the free democratic world. Out of this conviction, that through a strong trans-Atlantic partnership our joint economic prosperity and personnel freedoms can be protected; the George Marshall Society will attempt to strengthen these German-American ties.

Our activities center around the Frankfurt/Rhine-Main area, a region with a strong economic base that developed from the support for reconstruction, provided after World War Two.

We hope that this short Website presentation gives you an overview of our goals.

The following persons and institutions have kindly contributed to this English version of our homepage: Dr. John Provan (Kelkheim), Alisa Soderquist (Leesburg), Language Division of the Adult Education Center (Hofheim), eubylon GmbH (Berlin).